High Five Drive

Years have gone by,
it feels like a lifetime
Can't remember,
the comfort of your voice has died
An image followed by feelings of frustration
Give me something,
to fill this empty void inside

I turn around,
and I can't bear to face
the harsh reality has brought me
Down to size,
how can I go on to
take another day by day by
Take me away,
forget this memories gone,
Ignorance is bliss,
just forget and leave it all behind.

Start to recline, you're hiding,
I'm no stranger
Feel my anger,
unable to express the thought
Lie or promise,
seems to be no difference
Give it time,
tomorrow's nothing more to sought
Afraid of change,
afraid to stay the same when
Backdrops crashing down
on me I was way too young to,
Understand the lies were all I had
How was I to know who'd
Be left standing down
and live life with nothing left
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