Deight Hour Drives (And The Reason We're Alive)

High Five Drive

You can have your four walls and a roof,
the van is home enough for all of us.
Reality becomes what we believe,
the way our real lives deserve to lead.

Every time is the same as the first time,
so promise me that it will not be the last time.
Who needs a day job?
Tonight I have no clue where we are staying,
does the kindness of strangers have some room on their floors?

I'll gladly tolerate my empty stomach,
drive on for days and I'll think nothing of it.
The worst defeat is time that's spent unhappy,
this life's insane but we're all fucking crazy.

Is a hard day's work is only nine to five?
Am I only here because I'm on the clock?
Will our all night drives arrive at perfect lives?
Are we're wasting our time?
Re-define what purpose we have in our lives.
I swear to God I won't forget, all the things I left behind.

Believe, and look back all you want.
We know where we came from and we know where we stand.

It maybe lost but it's our cause we'll follow till the grave because;
we believe that dreams we have can still be realized
if we just follow through with plans of our design.
And if along the way we can inspire some to live the way they should then, our jobs are done.
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