This Is My Rifle

High Five Drive

I see a sea of stripes a mountain of design and it's not right
You pay to say their way pay each and every day it's all a lie
Walk in prosthetic shoes ten thousand dollar suit you use to ride
With your demented friends they'll push you to the end it's all a lie
Don't take the fall, I see it in your eyes, the corporate desguise, don't tear it all
Now you're a billboard type a virtual design I feel for you
It's all a meager trend follow it to the end find out the truth
About the only way to show your love for pain commercial rain
Colour the simple plain with abstract, simpre ways it's all i lie
I wanna know, is it for you? Traverse the sky, commit the youth
So goes the ways, no asking why, believe the world, it's all a lie.

Por Raellll
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