Rock and Roll Heaven's Gate

Indigo Girls

Where I come up, we share the mortar and the glue.
And what we build together, we share that too.
And the wind may come, and the rain may fall,
but we stand together or we don't stand at all.
Where are you going to now,
now that the goings gone?

So here's to your survival
and swimming up the stream,
crossing over one dam after another
until we get to Rock and Roll Heaven's gate.

I caught it at a rave
Did it give you vaccination?
I saw it on the T.V.
Did it lighten up your load?
And every f**king D.J.
Did you feel affiliated,
Is telling me I'm free.
Like you really had a home?

Free to be a loser
Were the ticket prices too high?
Free to be a trend
Were the lights too bright?
Free to be a backlash over and over
until I get to Rock and Roll Heaven's gate.
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