Johnny Rottentale

Indigo Girls

Go will i
Over yonder
I will see my mother
And my sister
And my father
Oh but my brother is going to hell

Well they hung him
From the gallow
As the sun turned
Red from yellow
And the crowd they
Heard him haughty
And they sighed
With much relief

The preacher asked him
For any last words
My brother spit on
Onto his clean shirt
Oh and he smiled
Without redemption
Said this is one soul
God don't need

Well now i loved him
I will miss him
As he's burning
And twisting
For his heart with
To the devil
And his creed

Well as a child we
We'd call him rotten
Tell him he was lonely
And forgotten
And he revenged our
Constant cheering
Oh with his every
Word and deed

Oh yeah and for my
To his souls lack
Of retribution
Oh well i ask the
Lords forgiveness
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