Money Made You Mean

Indigo Girls

So money made you mean
and that's not how it's supposed to be.
You're ready to challenge and defend
yeah, but for all the wrong reasons
How much do we really need?
a question if you have to ask
just means what it means-
the question that says everything.
Right and left, it's all the same conspiracy
just 'cause you ask, doesn't make a difference to me.
You could keep it all or give it away
but where did it come from in the first place?
Robbing Peter to pay me, and I'll just be
giving it back to Peter to feel free.
Now you have to fix everything that's broke
cause it'll never leave you alone.
Reinvent the wheel, be the butt of a joke
take the long road to charity.
Right or left it's all the same conspiracy,
robbing Peter to pay Paul,
or robbing Peter to pay me.
Yeah it's just too hard, oh well, jump in
Forget about the sharks and swim
cause now you're one now you're one
You can't deny it anymore.
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