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Crux Decussata


Martyr of uncommon belief
Crucified in the incognito glory X
I'm a three-legged dog
Running after the cars' wheels of fortune
And when I finally reach then,
Another limb is amputated

Now I'm a two-legged dog
Dragging my but after
The so-far-away cars'
Brightness wheels-of fortune

I am the one that, for love, slowly tastes the phlegm of the tubercular whore who kissed me the day before.

No empires
I'm not Augusto
No protection,
I'm not dos Anjos
Fallen cell
I am the worm
Workman of ruins

"Monster of darkness and brightness
I suffer since the childhood's genesis
The bad influence of the zodiac signs"

It hurts to think that I may
Be my own rottenness
Unique and horrible
Family estate
Which my children
Will have to inherit
I'm a legless dog
Seeking for the brightness
Wheels of fortune
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