I know what I'm saying
Eyes of the worst
Only point of view

Survival handcuffed to the imperial portals
Of the city of gray
Decadent den of a bankrupt, aristocratic form of life
Forced to an empty company

Decent existence out of sight
Perishing as it was written
Rusty cog in the machine
No plans, no friends, no gain

To be able to believe to be happy one day
How absurd is the hope
Of a fiction to come true?
The absurd of self-frustration?

Get the feeling

"... Forward and upward..." A lie!
"... to build..." A lie!
"... With love and will..." A lie!
"... to progress..." A lie!
"... luck smiles at us..." A lie!
"... glorious traditions..." A lie! A lie! A lie!

In the previous chapter:
Disillusion, desperation, rage

And a boring party
One more parade of futility

Juvenile collection
Of a sudden calm

A melancholy bossa screeching on the vinyl
A laid body
Blood and the blade of disappointment
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