Like Dis (feat. Andy Milonakis)


Take it to the floor Andy (take it to the hood Kwon)
Take it to the floor Andy (take it to the hood Kwon)
I'm a true pimp (and I'm a fake don)

Hi my names Kwon, best friend Andy,
All we do is mack on these chicks, and eat candy,
Still live with my mami, fart out my fanny,
Get hella drunk, and shadowbox with my nanny,

Hi My name andy, best friend Kwon,
He's a true pimp, but I'm a fake don,
I don't drink dom, Grey Goose with soda,
I gotta lotta knowledge, so they call me white yoda,

Me I'm a hustler, I don't like mustard,
When i'm in the bed, i like my donuts custard,
Man you a buster, you faker than hell,
My lyrics on fire, that's that smell,

Me I'm a joker, I play alotta poker,
If I catch ya cheatin like an egg, I'll yolk/yoke ya,
I just wanna flow, check out how I rock this,
It's the new single, (J-Kwon) and milonakis,

Peanut butter on my face, cuz I got no class,
I would steal ya chick, but she got no ass,
I gotta baby momma, I don't know her name,
But really I'm a liar, and I got no game,

I got 600 on my benz, but i got no gas,
Back seat full of chicks, girl put it on the glass,
One record blew, my record sells blew,
My momma said, you shoulda kept your ass in school,

That's what you get, for thinkin you the shit,
Man forget about these chicks, we in the club eatin grits,
That's how we do it, sippin on some sizzurp,
Roll up to the club, banged my rims on the cizzurb,

Andy we off our rocker, we still drinkin vodka,
We on the dancefloor, kickin it like soccer
Nickname chewbacca, you know how we rock this,
This the new single, j-kwon and milonakis
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