I'm Focused (Chamillionaire, Fat Joe, Lil Scrappy, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, T.I. & The Game Diss)


Yeah, the next chapter mothafucka
Ya high, X is gonna try to sue me mothafucka
For this shit, what you gonna sue me for
If I don't got shit
You know what I'm sayin
Mixtape madness

[Chorus x2: J-Kwon]
I let you know I been to the game of pokers tired of bein broken grindin some knives instead of chokin
I got tired of movin stovey and I'm focused and my uncle was makin million and doublin Fuckin old shit

[J-Kwon: Verse 1] (Dissin Mike Jones & Paul Wall)
Right before I was a man deformerler
In the planet makin it out of the hill in way garbage can
Now I'm 19inches you could catch my hand in the game that gots you talkin' before I began
They try duh stand, stand and replied, put your hand in into your verse
Cause I'm flameable hot
I'm sippin in steady standard bringin spot you overlook and try to see the situation where they almost got shot
I need a testify, test the electricity fly specialist when situation when I need to go and testify
I touch your eyez, and look whose scared wit a mug on the hand bug you muck
You can't stay wit a muck
You ain't supreme mothafucka I ain't talkin' about weed
Like Mike Jones record work always sells clothes to a fiend
I'ma bout to wait and stuff clean wit a LA teen
You ask why the alone things I see in my dream
I ain't dream all these excitement said everything
From the satter and batter and shattered that close to a scene
You know what I seen just like hatin and then they anger wit me
Before some case know they method do away wit my feet
It ain't a scheme, mothafucka more like jello the courtroom
In the vivo lo lo hundred G's you got me how I wanted to be
When I speak Davis Crackkiss in tha industry
So how you backin up in tha upside down in the Fuckin in the same week
You live wit me, kissin brat and the floors and bean
If you pleasure mean it, I'm live on the Whitney Street
Just admit that your sorry and sweet but to the beanin to the demon to the operation that will live me to sleep
I heard you screamin that the doctor amusement had to beat
For all the work if you streets damn now I'm roamin your freak
You mothafucka, check this out, check this out [Laughin]

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 2: Lil' Ed - Dissin Chamillionaire]
Tinkin formulated plast on blast on rocks Southside
You overlook like got cho slot
I gots to knot, I ring is gonna drop that watch
Drop that knot, know hand it over watch me clock
My album spot, is number one sell on top
Their ain't no parkin plate in my ankles your CD's flop
Until the grind graduatin from station to the satin you ain't stayin very much dawg so you must be hesitation
Why you waitin all this money I'm makin now feel the hatred burn from these single nothin to fakin
No one know what I'm sayin and my signature is real oh you what is for real
These mothafuckas don't no one stand how it feels, your lyin to kill
I know your dyin to squil, why you hustlin for a mill I'ma give you a sigh in the field
I'ma sign a full mill, turn it to a bulidin, dominant have my picture is so flatter to him
I said to him scared Fuckin shit I'll slatter your wrist
Don't even run I'll beat yo' ass and my behaves my still
I'm havin a new, before I just slammed you kill
What damaged could do I let your mama ran up the roof

[Verse 3: Lil' Matt - Dissin Fat Joe, Lil Scrappy, T.I. & The Game]
I'm sick of it
Use lift someone to be get money for deliberit
Me and some boy and Johnny did a man as a lickin tits
Why you sittin' and started ringin thinkin of this shit
Come back at me dawg you might as well consider it
As a Law Suit I'm working for the bosses smoke tosses when my head when yo' ass get tossed
Figure it out, for the freakin kids in your house, I live wit things that mothafuckin kick in your mouth
You shripper around, sweaty cold chewin you up
Puttin you down in the shit and you out
Haha, matter in fact you take that pussy and so I'm spittin you out
Live you now try provin try givin it a knot that's got to hurt

[Chorus: x2]

[Dj Scratch for 20 Seconds]

What is it
Fifty thousand fifty thousand box of Fuckin powder
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