Ic Ic


[Intro - Murphy Lee - talking]
I-I-I-I-I-I see some hoes..
In herrrre..

[J-Kwon - talking]
Ayo TrackBoyz..
Its cool if I bring my other cats
From St. Louis on this one?
Come on..

[Verse - Nelly]
Girl as you came through the door, you heard it before
Errbody in this bitch better hit the floor
Your man got some money, but I bet I got more
I heard he got a Bentley, but I bet it ain't a Zoure
She braggin' bout his Cadillac, bitch I got four
She keep runnin' his mouth I might go climb in four more

[Verse - J-Kwon]
I like 'em heavily beated, conceited, you can't beat it
Bust some pussy like a cookie wit no milk I can't-can't eat it
Okay you love me? no lie, but watch it my charm bright
That don't mean that you can kick it, from grippin' my arm tight
Plus you lookin good, that-that I can't perform right
In a U.S. club, down the lot p-p-pourin' right
Jamaica born, I don't mean to toot your horn right
But ya ass super fat, w-w-was you b-born right?
And right now, I'm just chillin' with MURPH DERT!
Your girl's in the club, but feelin' on MURPH DERT!
And half of these hoes be askin' for Nelly team
I don't know where Nelly team, but I know where my ding-a-ling
Kwon the new cat, who on the scene of things
And I'm pimpin' HOOES! you really ain't seen a thing
Maybe a moon ring or maybe some jelly beans
I mention the Four Seasons, I'm hittin' by any means

[Hook - J-Kwon] -x2
I.....I see some hoes in herrrrre
And I.......I see some hoes..
In herrrrrrrrrrre

[Verse - Murphy Lee]
Ayo I'm Murphy Lee The Ladies' Man , I'm Leon Phelps the go-getter
I've been pimpin' since pimpin', even was
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