You're My Best Friend, My Love

Jackson 5

When i need more than love
You are the one that i run to
When just words aren't enough
You know exactly what to do

And every time i need someone
To turn my upside down back up
You're always there
I'm so glad you care

You're my best friend, my love, my love
You're my best friend, my love
My love you are my best friend

You're my warm when it's cold
You are my sunshine when it rains
And if the rain turns to snow
We'll still be on that friendship train

Cause if our love affair should end (if our love affair should
I know i'll never find a friend
As great as you
Girl, i'm glad it's true


Ooh, you're my best friend
Girl there'll be no other
You're my friend and lover
(you're my best friend)
Don't you know i love ya
You're my friend and lover
Ooh, ooh girl there will always be someone to love ya
Someone who can love ya
(you're my best friend)
Yes you are
Yes you're my friend and lover
Girl there'll be no other
(you're my best friend)
I'll be yours forever
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