Surprise Song

The Jackson 5

This is your surprise song
We have no words to sing
Everybody listening to the groove
Come along and do your best
As in

Ain't no words to this song
Hum and sing along

Sing along some, Marlon!

Take a day that will never rhyme
Ain't no words to this song y'all
Y'know we love you fans, all over the world

Want some more of this
Bring your word
That's Tito the frog!

Come on, I'm gonna s

Sing with us one more time?
That's Randy, everybody!

Now we're gonna in this tune for you
Yes we are dar
We've had so much fun talking that's true
Everybody sing!

It's our surprise song for y'all
Hum along and sing a song wooah

The end!
The end
It's not a hit that's good
It's number one!
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