Jason Derulo

yeah, you make me
you make me, ooh,
yeah yeah,

i really lost it in my mind,
tryna figure out a way,
to make you understand,
i cant go on another day,
baby i was wrong,
maybe confused and let astray,
please gimme one more chance,
coz i cant take whats happening,

have you ever lost someone,
tryna take it back but the damage is done,
thought of loosing you makes me feel so sad,
how am i gonna sleep when it feel this bad,

i know enough's enough,
its goin' to be tough to get through this,
ill never be perfect,
ill never be cool,
ill always be nothin' unless im with you,
coz you make me perfect,
tell me what can i do,
the pieces are missing,
when im not with you,

(you make me,) ooh
you make me, ooh
(you make me,) ooh
you make me, ooh
(you make me,) ooh
ohh, ooh , ooh
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