Final Countdown

Jason Derulo

We're hanging on by a string,
But no one wants to end things,
But you know better,
And i know better,
Cause we've tried everything

Not brave enough to break it off,
Im thinking of my love for you,
My heart will stop the day
You walk out without you girl i dont know what i'd do

It's been 5 long weeks, we havent touched one another,
Looked at eachother, before you leave
Oooo i just wanna love ya, keep the memory of ya
Number 3-3
You don't see me cause im coming home late at night
Number 2-2
You're doing youtube, i know you got a man on the side

This is the final countdown
For you and i
This is the final countdown
- time to say goodbye -
This is the final countdownnnn
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