Message In a Bottle

Jason Derulo

She the type of girl that make you lazy,
Don't wana do a thing,
Iv'e been crazy latley,
Like buying her rings,
I used to be at the party,
With ladies gettin down,
I used to play with them girls,
But i'm thinking different now.
Ooohhh, she's a star, she makes me fly,
Taking me places, i've never seen,
Two worlds apart, but she don't mind,
Cos she's got her wings,

She takes me to a place where no one can find us,
And we be all alone on a desserted island,
We losing track of time,
Moments together are timeless,
She took me to a place, hope nobody can find us

She's my message in a bottle,
Ohhh,ohh, no s.o.s, yeah this may shock you,
Ohh, ohh, here is my message in a bottle,
Ohh, ohh, love where i'm at, don't wana come home,
Ohh, ohh, here is my message.

Can't wait to wake up in the morning,
Knowing she'll be around,
Heaven should have sent a warning,
They was sending me an angel down,
I used to chase all the money,
The cars
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