Ring Out The Grief


Heaven's filled with the reflections
of a thousand wishes, made out of
fire. Something to hope for, a reason
to stay. I saw mine through a front
room window so I grabbed my coat
and went outside.

I found you standing on the side-
walk and I found truth. I grabbed
my phone and crossed the street.
Thank you for last spring. I hope
you are well. Here's to next year,
must it bring us both the days that
we've worked for.

Here are hours that I can't recall
but I saw it on film. I seemed to be
happy so I take it that I must have
been. Next thing I know I sit on a
couch, it's six in the morning on
January first. It's my brother's birth-
day and you're still by my side.

There might be fire
but fire soon turns us to ashes.
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