St. Gallen


I'll see you somewhere along the river, as this
hiatus ends and summer turns to fall. If you bring
your words I'll bring pen and paper. It's been a
lot of time and a lot of ache between the days that
we've shared. But none that matters now, we've
got a past that's past and a fall not to fall.

We once sung about loss and the memories that
a room brings. You've met her now, by the lock.
We once walked through town, through the blocks
where I grew up. Those blocks need you now.

There'll be names on all walls you pass. Some of
them you'll learn, some you won't have to, they're
no longer with us. There'll be history in streets
you'll walk that you won't ever know of. Who
wrote it, for what reasons and who it's written
about. So lay down your own and put me in it.
'Cause I need to forget and replace, let go and
move on to something better
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