Lives Apart


They're still there where we
left them, the boy and the girl
long forgotten, where we lost
them. Living their lives in each
other's bodies. Five years later
and I think they wonder who
we are, watching them from
aside. That's me and that's
you, had only this been true.

The boy and the girl with
aching hearts screaming at
the stars.

Nine years later they remain
untouched, almost close
enough to touch. But they
can't see us since, since we've
become invisible.

The boy and the girl scream-
ing at the stars, forever in
our hearts. Will we always be
dreaming, dreaming of the
boy and girl among the stars,
living in our hearts.

I've begun to wonder who they are, our lives
so far apart. The boy and the girl living among
the stars, screaming forever in our hearts.
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