Beloved Enemy

Jesus On Extasy

We always hurt the ones we love,
that's a fact,
which we can't deny.
We never talk instead we shoot,
we learned it from TV.
We're drifting apart.

And She will be my Death.

Like on the Battle field.
She's got her weapons armed.
And she will always be my Beloved Enemy.

I don't know what to do,
i feel so Helpless now,
I want to kiss or kill my Beloved Enemy.

You never knew how much I love you,
while we're in the fight.
I never said a word.
She said she never use the needles.
Instead you take a sword and stab it in
my heart.

Oh I love the Sound of a broken heart.
It means victory to me.
But when I saw the Tears glitter in her eyes,
oh i knew that I've lost everything.
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