Jesus On Extasy

You never won a tv screan,
You mony was´t bear.
Dady work to hard of day,
Yours never | kert |

You gone of your whin your eyes,
The drives wasn't breal.

What this cocen fiever pact,
When you strt to kill !

Ref. no you whan me pact you,
Whan't you at plan?
No you take your,
Shou you make the breach!

Stack you at the battlefield,
Can you, stant of myght.
And dast you plast by | hajd |
The lonly starst to climbe.

Now you goste you never whis you every plane?
Firist carove dady give you every chance,
Momy | fofo | gat you chance too:

Bang, bang youstot kill,
Just you won again

Ref. 2x

- 2 x
No iff you screan.
Bang, bang , bang , bang yashot kill
Bang, bang , bang , bang yashot kill

Ref. 2x

2x bang, bang, bang, bang.
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