Second Skin

Jesus On Extasy

One cold damp evening
The world stood still
I watch as I held my breath
A silhouette I thought I knew
Came through

Someone spoke to me
Whispered in my ear
"This fantasies for you
Fantasies are real,
This year"

My whole live flesh before my eyes
I thought what they say is true
I shed my skin and my disguise
And a cold numb and naked I
Emerged from my cocoon
"A half-remembered tune
Plays softly in my head"
It said

Lessons known we dare
Expect from anything as arbitraty as life
And the truth is simply
It is over.

I realize this miracle is due
I dedicate this melody to you
But is this the stuff dreams are made of?
If this is the stuff dreams are made of
No wonder I feel like I'm floating on earth (x2)

I feel like I'm everywhere
It's just my second skin.
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