No, No, No

Johnny Cash

I'm a poor boy from the farm land your father is a wealthy sailing man
If I asked you for your hand would you tell me no
Oh! No, no, no

You're a poor boy from the farm land my daddy is a wealthy sailing man
He told me if you asked my hand I'd better tell you no
Oh, no, no, no

Your daddy brings you silk to sew from the finest shop in Tokyo
He told you to turn me down I know
But don't say no, oh, no, no, no

Yes, daddy owns a clipper ship and he brings me pearls on every trip
And pink champagne for me to sip and you're the poorest boy I know, oh!
So, no, no, no

I can't give you anything
I can't afford a wedding ring
A presents that I'd like to bring, but oh I love you
So, oh, don't say no

My daddy's three days out to sea and he would turn me across his knee
If he knew you were kissin' me but I can't let you go
Oh! No, no, no
Oh! No, no, no
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