When Papa Played The Dobro

Johnny Cash

Ride this train to any country fair in this land.
Now here's a hard working happy people.
Mrs Jones baked the finest pie for the contest this year.
And Mr Brown's got the biggest fattest old sow you ever saw.
And all the kids are eatin' popcorn and cotton candy.

This is Chester South, Carolina, and that year at the fair.
My papa brought us all down in a wagon.
And on the way down we picked up another family that lived up the creek.
I was just a little boy but I remember I kept askin' papa,
How much farther is it, how much farther is it.

We had a young heffer tied to the wagon that papa just knew.
Was gonna take first prize.
I didn't have no doubt about that heffer winning first prize.
But the main thing I was interested in,
Was somethin' else papa had under his seat, at the front of the wagon.

And that was an old dobro that I thought papa played like nobody else in the world
I guess by real musical standards papa didn't know much about music.
But I tell you that night at the fair when he played in the dance band,
I just had to stay awake sat up there and listen to papa play the dobro.

My papa was a hobo when they delivered me
We didn't have a doctor cause he couldn't pay the fee
But when the goin' got too bad to ease his misery
Papa played the dobro this a way and he'd go

When company would come around, he kept the dobro hid
He knew he couldn't play the way the other players did
Why the guitar's resonator was a gallon bucket lid
But papa played the dobro this a way and he'd go

Well now that papa's gone away it's hanging by the flue
The top of it's rusted and the strings're rusty too
It won't ever sound the way that it did when it was new
When papa played the dobro this a way and he'd go
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