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Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Johnny Cash

(Waylon Jennings)
She's a rounder i can tell you that
She can sing 'em all night too
She'll raise hell about the sleep she's lost
But even cowgirls get the blues

(Johnny Cash)
Especially cowgirls they're the gypsy kind
And need their reins laid on 'em loose
She's lived to see the world turned upside down
Hitchin' rides out of the blue

(Chorus: Both)
Even cowgirls get the blues, sometimes
Bound to don't know what to do, sometimes
Get this feeling like the restless winds
The only way she's ever been

(Waylon, then Johnny)
Lonely nights are out there on the road
Motel ceiling stares you down
There must be safer ways to pay your dues
But even cowgirls get the blues

(Repeat chorus twice)
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