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Fast Boat To Sydney

Johnny Cash

Oh I am a cheat and I'm a liar oh but you're a lovin' ball of fire
I'll leave you like a bum without a penny
And while I'm home with the blues I'll be hopin' like a cangaroo
When I get off of that fast boat to Sydney

I said listen to me babe I gave up the lovin' trade
I'm tired of all this runnin' jumpin' playin'
But you're like it down under the world with the Australian girls
And there's not a word of truth in what you're sayin'

Oh I am a cheat and I'm a liar...
[ guitar ]
This is my greatest act I've come boom a rangin' back
Grinnin' like a Rudolf Valentino
But then you grab your travel load like a swingin' grimmin' dog
And hopped on that fast boat to Sydney

Cause I'm a cheat and I'm a liar...

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