Bug That Tried To Crawl Around The World

Johnny Cash

Now you've heard of folks with a lot of ambition
But I believe just about the biggest case of ambition I ever saw
Was in a bug that I saw crawlin' along the beach one day
He was a mighty ambitious bug

On the beach one early mornin' as a day was newly dawnin'
And the Sun again was warmin' all the chill thru'out the land
I saw me a bug a walkin' and at first I thought he was quakin'

Then I found out he was talkin' while he crawled across the sand
He was crawlin' mighty straight at a slow but a steady gait
And when I asked him to wait he said oh come on crawl with me
But I said where you goin' and he said you'll be knowin'

For I'm gonna make a showin' and you'll someday see
Well I stood there by the ocean I suddenly had the notion
That I start this big promotion
So this challenge I enfirled said the bug
So I gave my wife a hug and I left my confy rug

So I could be the only bug that ever crawled around the world
Well he seemed mighty small and it was a long way to crawl
And I'm sure he couldn't swim at all
So I try to discourage my friend
I said you know the world is round
And there's mighty lotta ground

And there some water to be found before you reach your journey's end
And he said now don't you fret there's problems to be met
But I'll make it you can bet
And this deed will bring glory to my name

You know they said man would never fly now he's soarin' in the sky
Cause he had the will to try so let me win my fame
So he crawled on out of sight as he sought that splendoured height
Neither lookin' left nor right
But slowly marchin' toward his goal

And my knowin' he had started on his journey as we parted
Kept me from feelin' too down hearted
For he was a mighty ambitious soul
Well I've looked everywhere I've been
And seen a lotta bugs since then

But not one quite like my little friend
When I think of him I'm filled with pride
Did he make it I don't know he was crawlin' mighty slow
And he had a long way to go
And all I can tell you folks is that
He tried he sure was an ambitious bug
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