Five Minutes To Live

Johnny Cash

What all can you give
With five minutes to live
Here the tock-tick-tock of the laughin clock
What can you do or say?
Maybe you oughta pray
But you better think positive
You got five mintues to live

Pom bom bom bom

Time is flying by
And don`t you sit there and let it fly
You better come on strong you can`t stay here long
That bell is gonna ring
This is a final fling
Ain`t know alternative

You've got five minutes to live
Pom bom bom bom

What all can you five
With five minutes to live
Get dressed for you date
Or you're gonna be late
Live a little while you can
Don't you sit there and wring your hands
Here comes a great???
Bom bom bom bom
Bom bom bom bom hmm
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