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There's a Mother Always Waiting

Johnny Cash

"so, you're going to leave the old home, jim
Today you're going away
So, you're going among the city folks to dwell"
So spoke a kind old mother
To her boy one summer day
"if your mind's made up that way, i wish you well
The old home will be lonesome
We'll miss you when you go
The birds won't sing so sweet when you're not nigh
But if you get in trouble, jim
Just write and let us know"
She spoke these words and then she said goodbye

If sickness overtakes you
Or old companions shake you
As through this world you wander all alone
When friends you haven't any

In your pocket not a penny
There's a mother always awaiting you at home

Ten years later to this village
Came a stranger no one knew
His steps were halt and ragged clothes he wore
The little children laughed at him
As down the lane he trod
At last he stopped before a cottage door
He gently knocked, no sound he heard
He thought, "can she be dead?"
But then he heard a voice well known to him
Was his mother's voice, but her hair had silvered
By the touch of time
And she said, "thank god, they've sent me home my jim"

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