He Won't Hurt You

Donell Jones

You alright baby, don't worry 'bout it
It's gonna be alright

Verse One
He don't treat you like he use to cause he got somebody else
Girl, I feel for you cause you're all by yourself, yeah
Don't you shed a tear, be strong, don't let this nightmare get to you
'Cause some men gotta have two girls and that ain't cool

He won't hurt you again, he's never gonna hurt you again
'Cause you got a friend in me
He won't hurt you again, he's never gonna hurt you again
All you gotta do is believe in me

Verse Two
Lock the doors, I'm on my way, he has no right to put his hand on you
Girl, it hurts me to see him play you for a fool
So pack your bags, come go with me
I'll be that sunshine in your life
There's no need to worry, it's gonna be alright


Are you in love with someone who's gonna make you cry?
You should already know I wanna be that special one in your life


You know sometimes I think about you and I wonder
How could a woman so beautiful be going through such a terrible thing
But I wanna let you know, I'm here for you
You don't ahve to worry 'bout a thing baby
I promise, I promise
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