Hands On You

Donell Jones

(Verse 1)
You been lookin, so damn good and, sexy girl you know it, (know it)
Aint no tellin, what's gonna happen, if you let me on it, (on it)
I can feel you, girl I feel you, if you get to know me, (know me)
Aint no talkin, I'm bout knockin, I know that your bout it too,
Baby it's the truth...

Girl I put my hands on you, (Ohhh)
If you put your hands on me, (Put your hands on me)
Despite the fact that we just met, I know I can make you believe,
If I put my hands on you, (Ohhh)
If you put your hands on me,
I see myself getting up under your dress,
And then they gon ask us to leave,
Leave, leave, leave
Can I put my hands on you, (You touch me)
I know what you wanna do, (Do with me)
If I put my hands on you,

I can make you sweat,
Touch me while you sweat for me...

(Verse 2)
Cameras watchin, while I'm touchin, everybody's starin, (Starin)
You undressin, got those dressin, and I'm not even carin, (Carin)
You can't tell me, you don't feel me,
it's not what your body's sayin, (Sayin)
One more drink and, you'll be thinking,
Come on babe, stop playin put it on me,


I bet you I can make you call me baby, (Can I put my hands on you)
Lean you up against the wall and drive you crazy,
(And you put your hands on me)
I wonder if the way you dance, is like the way you are in bed,
Cause if so, I know, I got to get that fast, get that fast....

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