It's So Hard

Donell Jones

(Big Pun)
You can catch me in the cherry red 1-50
Got the grizzy locked in the stizzy
Pop the clizzy goin 60 down the one wizzy
Drunk pissy, tryin to cruise thru the avenue
While my peoples is poppin bottles I pursue a rendezvous
Fuck that
Spun a Uey lost a hubcap
It's back in the shack came back and a whats that
Straight from Paris, takin' cabbage and baby carrage
Get some cabbage, now burn the cherry radish
Fresh out the dealer, cop the check for the squealers
Wear vests for the killers, nothing less cause it's realer
In the Big Apple, where its quick to get your shit tackled
Enemies spit at you, best friends kidnap you
Trust no one, got beef bust your gun
You don't need no one
Talkin bout that you owe him
Im'a go for dolo
Scarface with a manolo
One deep, I runnin solo
Bustin heat throwin bolos
It's hard

[Donnell Jones] (Big Pun)
It's so hard (It's hard work, baby)
Yeah (I just copped 100 pounds, I'm tryin to live, I ain't goin' nowhere)
Niggas wanna be like us (I'm stayin alive baby)
Niggas gonna bust they guns
And it's so hard (Thats my wife, I paid for them titties)
Yeah (Get your own, your own, ya heard?)
Niggas wanna fuck my wife
Niggas wanna take my life
But its so hard

(Big Pun)
It's so hard rollin' with the squad
We like gods, catchin somethin at the bar, the bar, the bar
Then spit bars in Miami
Almost came home with the grammy
Next year, bringin home 3 for the family
Watch me, you can catch it live on the Hitachi
Poppin shit like a Nazi, iced out like Dee Piassy
Fuck that, Liberachi, 4X Versace
Somebody stop me
Never that, hey yo where my niggas at
Uptown uptown, you know you feelin that
Cash rule, hardcore you can dance to
That nigga Biggie give me [One more chance]
Take a glance and I'm off with yours
With both hands rip off my drawers and drape me like the Source Awards
I love hip hop, I ain't even probably the best lyricist alive
Terror Squad niggas stop sleepin'
What you say your name was again?
And I know you from where? Elementary school?

[Donell Jones]
Niggas wanna be like us (I don't know you, man!)
Niggas wanna bust they guns
And it's so hard (Money, not you again, go that way)
Niggas wanna fuck my wife (Loser)
Niggas wanna take my life
But its so hard
Ooh, yeah
You ain't fuckin my wife
Takin my life
And if just hating and just walk on by
All you haters just walk on by
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