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Trouble Tracks me Down

Kevin Devine

Trouble tracks me down,
it's been dragging me around
since my feet first touched the ground.
And I'm kicking like a kid,
cause I can't get rid of it.
And it's never going nowhere now.

I duck dodge to my left,
I slide step to my right,
but it nails me everytime.
And I'm finished pulling fits,
yeah, I've learned to live with it.
Marching steady, straight and by my side.

Trouble makes no scene,
she sweeps in surgical and clean,
leaves me begging on my hands and knees.
And she's always on the clock,
but she doesn't own a watch
cause she wrecks me straight into my sleep.

Well drift into a dream
and I'm sailing on some sea,
shooting whiskey with my Irish bride,
till Amy Goodman wakes me up.
I'm alone in brooklyn, broke as fuck,
with a splitting headache
and sore bloodshot eyes.

And I've known trouble all my life
and I'm sick of asking why.
It's like screaming at a set of dice.
They're gonna role the way they role
and then you're never gonna know.
So getting crazy's just a waste of time.

I've just seen trouble track me down,
it keeps pulling me around,
till I'm deep inside the ground.
And then I'll smile in my sleep,
cause in that box I'm finally free.
And ain't no trouble gonna find me now.
Ain't no trouble gonna find me now.
Ain't no trouble gonna find me now.
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