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Not Over You Yet

Kevin Devine

You were always cute
But goddamn! you got hot
Hot enough to streak the streets white with sunspots when you walk
And I'm still obsessed with cowboys and Indians
And you bitin' your lip when you lose your breath

I'm not over you yet

I know I will not call
It's this decision I've made
So I'm up all night chanting, "Vow I can't break"
I might bite my nails so I can't scratch my face
But I'd still cut my hair if you asked the right way

I'd at least comb it anyway

You're still on my towels
In my eyerolls and scowls
And I know what I did, and why
But that don't mean I can't regret it
When I'm watching my TV all night

Im not over you yet (x2)
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