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Sleepwalking Through My Life

Kevin Devine

Some days stand up
Fixed at attention
Some days race by too fast to mention
Those days i wonder if i'll ever get it right
Sleepwalking through my life

Sometimes i'm sure
Most times less certain
If anything's behind the curtain
Sometimes i wonder
If it matters what it's called
God or nothing else at all

Sometimes i'm clean
Sing like a sparrow
Some days i'm nasty and i'm narrow
And i get spiteful, i get ugly, i get mean
Can't get back on the beam


Some days the world's prim as a show dog
Sometimes it's filthy as a boss hog
And those days the phone feels like a 3,000 pound weight
Can't lift it to my face

Some days it's clear
So i can see it:
What to be and how to be it
But some days i wonder
And some days i doubt it
Today i'm hopeful i can knock it off tonight
This sleepwalking through my life
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