(ooh, Aah) Crazy Kind Of Love Thing

The Kinleys

No, he ain't perfect, this man of mine
He wrote me a love song, but the words don't rhyme
He drives me crazy how he's late all the time
But I love my baby just the same
The reasons why are hard to explain

He makes me feel ooh...aah
I can't quite describe it
Something 'bout that boy just makes me get up and sing
My heart goes mmm...oooh
The only way to say it is a crazy kind of love thing

He steals all my best jokes and gets the punch line wrong
For my birthday he bought me Amarige but left the price tag on
He says, "I can do that," when we're watching James Bond
But that's the funny thing about love
He's my baby all because

He may not always notice what I do with my hair
But he sure knows when to hold my hand
He sings off key, wait a minute, I don't care
That's my baby, that's my man

That's the funny thing about love
He's my baby all because what he does

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