Climbin' Up Mt Everest

The Kinleys

Out of time
Out of luck
Thought i was just dreamin' then i woke up
You said it was over
The end of the line
I'm tellin' everybody i'm fine
But i'm just

Climbin' up mt. everest
I swear it's like
Crawlin' from here to memphis knocked senseless
Like diggin' a hole in china to find
You don't love me no more

Night after night
I come home
Watchin' on the news who else was overthrown
Two warring nations
We fought the good fight
Always waiting for the other to strike
And it's like


Shine the light
Ring the bell
Guess you don't love me
Well well
I'll go on
I'll survive
I don't know how but i'll try


You don't love me no more
You don't love me no more

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