Love Rules

The Kinleys

Jimmy has a girlfriend They play in the schoolyard He gives her his cookie at lunch She wears her hand-me-down Faded flannel run-arounds Jimmy he has more than enough But money doesn't catch a ball and That's what matters after all here CHORUS: They didn't set the boundaries They didn't draw that line They only know how they feel inside Maybe they're young and learnin' Oh no but they're no fools Here in their little world Love rules Jimmy's outa school now He's gettin' married Met the girl he's been dreamin' of 'Round here the locals frown On people from her side of town They know how to make it rough The only thing that's goin' down Is the love that they have found here REPEAT CHORUS Oh sweet blindness All those lines just fade away It only starts when your heart leads the way REPEAT CHORUS

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