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Blue Shoes White

Larry Norman

I had the rhythm of living in my shoes,
Along come the rhythm and blues
The blues caught up and put me in a trance
And my shoes refused to dance, dance, dance.
My life began to slip and slide,
And I had no hope, I had no place to hide,
I borrowed a gun, I had nothing to lose,
I figured it's time to hang up my shoes.

He came along that very day,
He asked my I walked that way
My soles half worn and my tongue hung about
With broken laces I'm tripping out.
He said to me, get up and walk
And I said, why don't we sit down and talk?
He said, how 'bout a new sword (?)
I said uh-uh, no chance,
I'm gonna put these shoes in an ambulance.

He reached right out and touched my toes
Everybody knows how the rest of the story goes
If you're steppin' through life then my appeal
Is to follow in his footsteps and get your soles re-heeled.
And if you wanna give your feet a treat,
Honey get ready to walk down those golden streets
But be careful how you use your shoes
And don't waste your time on the rhythm and blues.

He turns blue shoes white.
He turns blue shoes white.
He makes your wrong feel alright,
He turns your black soul white.
He turns blue shoes white.

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