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Feeling So Bad

Larry Norman

Well i'm feeling so bad
In the middle of love
And its easy to see
That it isn't quite me
That you're thinking of

Must be somebody else
But i'm wondering who
I can't seem to recall
Anybody at all
Who's in love with you

Every night
You hear me say
What a day

Well i saw you last week
You went out on the sly
You walked into some church
I suspected the worse
That you met some guy

Then i waited outside
But you came out alone
With a satisfied look
And a little black book
Then you went straight home

Every night
You hear me say
What a day

Bass break

Well...i got something i wanna say to you
And this is what it is...so listen...

Lead guitar break

Well this morning at ten
You invited me in
As you poured me some coffee
You told me straight off
That you found a friend

Well i wasn't surprised
No i wasn't surprised
'cause you look so content
Baby i see a different look
In your eyes

Every night
You'll hear me say
What a day

Every night
(you used to treat me right)
You'll hear me say
(but now you're pushing me away)
What a day

What a day

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