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Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn

Larry Norman

Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn,
You're my favorite singers in England.
And I love you so much,
You've got the Holy Spirit's touch,
You're much more than just a two-man band.

I got a memo from Turner, he's a poet, I'm a learner,
And he says you're coming back to L.A.
Well, I'll see you when you land,
I hope your schedule's not too planned.
I know you can't, but I wish you could stay.

I miss you my friends,
I think about you all the time.
You're so far away -
Well, I hope you're feeling fine.

following verses are from a 1976 (?) live tape:

Beware of the snakes.
And the robbers and the fakes
And the guys who always want a percent.
You don't need them anymore,
God is gonna close those doors;
I guess it's time to pack up your tent.

Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn
I love the way you play guitar
spoken: and that funny thing you hold in your hands,
It's a harpsichord, no, it's too little for a harpsichord,
Well, I don't know, but it's great...
And you write such nice songs
And I don't know where you get your ideas from,
But I have a suspicion

I miss you my friends,
I think about so much of the time
You're so far away -
I just know you're doing fine.

Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn
You're my favorite singers in England
And your songs are so simple
But they take me to the temple,
I guess I'm just your number one fan.

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