Béla Lugosi's Back

Lesbian Bed Death

Do you know why you fear the dark?
He's the thing that nightmares are made of
No mortal form can hold him back
Evil lives forever

It's been such a long time, and time can be so cruel
The horror you feel is about to go old school

Under a full moon's wicked spell
A coffin shakes and cracks
It's a long cold day in hell, now
Béla lugosi's back

The creatures of the night
What music they make?
We'll remember how to scream, now
Béla Lugosi's back

He's the eternal lord of the darkness
He'll drag your tormented soul into madness
You'll never escape

Can you feel terror in the air? Beware
Stay away from the graveyard at night, take flight
Béla Lugosi's back
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