Rockabilly Bitch

Lesbian Bed Death

She's a crazy girl
No other word fits
Perfect body
Plastic tits

People stop and stare
As she passes by
Looks you in the eye
Makes you wanna die

Sex and drugs and rock n' roll
Makes you wanna lose control
Steamy crazy she loves life
Cut the tension with a knife
Pictures in the magazines lead to uncontrollable teens
Pages are stuck together
And you've never even met her

Rough and ready
Locked and loaded
Think of her
Your brain's exploded
Wet and wild
Naughty and nice
Will you claim her?
Roll the dice

She's so good; she'll make your body scream
Hot and heavy if you know what I mean
She'll treat you mean to keep you keen
Total fixation in the extreme

Writhing around on the floor
Look in her eyes
She wants more
Heart beat races breathing faster
Hope your body can outlast her

She's almost naked
Will you make it?
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