Soul Sucker

Lesbian Bed Death

You stole my soul
You sucked it out and left me hollow
And now you're in my dreams
This kinda thing is hard to swallow
Now i feel like a zombie
You ripped my insides from me
And now i'm falling apart
You're smiling while you eat my heart

And now i see you're running away
Well don't worry i'll fuck you up someday

I'm getting hungry for flesh
This poison running right through my veins
I can't wait anymore
I'm on fire in so much pain

You'll get what you deserve
You filthy rotten heart breaking perv

Now i see that you
You're just a soul sucker
You're everywhere i look
You sick motherfucker
One day i'll show you pain
I'll make you watch
While i eat your brains

I'm gonna come after you
I'll watch you while you fall asleep
I'll be your living nightmare
Your soul will be mine to keep
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