Steam From Da Knot

Lords Of The Underground

Well I'm gonna creep through your area with steps that are slowly
Camoflauged and in black so niggas they don't know that
While niggas givin hi's I'm givin goodbye's
I'm still shooting persons out the corners of my eyes
But brothers know nothin and ain't seen nothin
But best yet the fest when I leave knots in their stomachs
So who wanna have a little shindig with me?
Well, bro, you got it, until the return of Funky
Cuz I'm that brother who was born in the under
And if you don't believe that then go ask my mutha
Cuz when it gets hot I ignite what I got
Just to let you know that I blow up the spot


I have an attitude that's shitty but don't need no pity
Cuz all I wanna do is get down to the nitty
So watch every move as I step up on this groove
My voice is filled with madness, and not ment to sooth
Say the name Doitall, say it backwards [llatiod]
Say it one more time and I'll appear by your side
My voice'll drop a measure and your ears'll feel the pleasure
You'll here my tongue lashing because my tongue is like leather
Now I be from the land where the crooks be grand
And the boys grow up to be the Stickyfinger man
Now I got you straight from the block known to rock you
But just like I got you some day you want the Do
I smell a sniff, can it be the Funkyman approachin?
Well I'ma keep roastin on behalf of the Lords
I swear to my G, I have unity, my crew have unity and this is me
Now who be I when I be that fly guy from NJ?
Some say Doitall, but my real name is Dupre
The ghetto type heart is sparked by the horror
I creep at the corner while you search for tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow, they love me tomorrow
Words I usually hear cuz I have hip-hop by the collar
Underground the meaning: below, beneath
That's what they think of us rhymin on these beats
Rap music - can't hear it, peep it, or speak it
That's why a Grammy, I'll probably never see it
So who in the public does the Doitall trust?
The Lords, the Lord, until my heart busts
So remember, L.O.T.U.G. is forever
You dis one, you dis the other
You dis the other, you dis the under
And you don't ever wanna dis the under.

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