From da Bricks

Lords Of The Underground

That's right I'm talkin' bout the bricks
The land where the rebels rock afros and bald heads
And stayin' crazy paid comes natural
Time to buckwild wild like the dirty dozen
(Funky brothers in the house!)
Oh yeah, I brought my cousin

That's right we're livin' larger than the humans
So come on, join the funk family reunion
I'm straight from newark, new jersey but go where ever I go
I know
I'm knockin' niggas out like ivan drago
I like to spread the funk around the block where I stay on
That's why it stinks around bergen and avon
See once I grab the mic, guaranteed satisfaction
Make you wanna scream, "heehee", like michael jackson

I'm blessed by the funkafied child
(Yo funkee kick your style!)
Yo hold up, wait, not now
I like the way the skunk smell, I like to freak the funk realm
Any rapper think he's takin' mine, he's drunk as hell
So check the funky horn cause I got it goin' on
Chaka khan, chaka khan, let me rock it chaka khan

Yo this is dedicated to the punks talkin' about they from the underground
Come on now how that sound?
You see, I don't give a damn if you're underground or (not!)
I hit hard like a (rock!)
Then start handin' out the (knots!)
So if you got beef come to the bricks cause you ain't doin' shit here
I'll be outside when you get there

"Comin' live from the bricks"
"From newark, new jersey" - redman on epmd's 'hardcore'
Capital jam, capital c
The funk flow, the one who can rock on an earthquake and still flow
Some say I'm dope, some say I'm phenomenal
If rap was sex I'd stick a rhyme in and out of you
(Straight from the bricks!)
I kick the predicates and pronoun

Jam and bree, with the lords of the underground
This is my jungle you won't enter, (why?!)
Lions and tigers and bears oh my
(Praise the lord!)
Can I can I get an amen
He opened the door, that's when jam-c came in
Bringin' the shit like interjections used today
Like, "yikes" "shock" "scared" "heavy" ("hey!")
I'm black watch, with a leather band, not x-clan
I'm bringin' the wind and tearin' shit like rodan
I'm not into wrestlin' but I headline any sound with twelve techniques
I proceed to break it down

"Comin' live from the bricks"
"From newark, new jersey" - redman on epmd's 'hardcore'
Well I step through the bricks on the streets of concrete
Poundin' on the pavement as my speech freaks my statements
Pourin' on the block where I used to tick and pop
Now I'm all hooked in this stuff called (hip hop!)
The flow I kick is wicked, so please don't try to dig it
I might give a little, but only take a smidgen
My style is kinda different

I freak it with the gift and
You'll only freak the style if you live in the bricks and
Born and raised since I was little
I now freak a rhyme but used to freak a riddle like:
What has legs and uh, what has arms?
And who has skills to freak it in a song?
Well um, ding dong, x marks the spot cause it's me hops
I now freak the style from my newark, nj spot
Mr. Funkee

Can I kick my shit?
(You kick it in her butt!)
Well um, God damn, now the shits on my timberlands
I stepped in the funk cause I kicked it in her can
Like, eww, nasty, stinky, smelly
Now I'm on the way and I'm stompin' on your belly
South orange ave is in the house

Avon ave is in the house
Hawthorne ave is in the house
Clint street is in the house
And the bully is in the house
Clinton ave is in the house
I got a hoodie

Black is the color when I'm stompin'
So marley keep it pumpin' and I'mma keep it bumpin'
With the hit
In the mix, from the house of hits
And don't forget
(We comin' live from the bricks!)
"Comin' live from the bricks"
"From newark, new jersey" - redman on epmd's 'hardcore'
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