Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (Make It Funky)

Lords Of The Underground

Lord Jazz hit me one time for the people
cause I bet they're not believing that you come from Cleveland
Mix the funk with the skunk so they'll boom it in the trunk
And play it loud as hell so they'll feel like they're drunk
Now umm back and forth forth and back
You see he always help me out when I get wreck to his tracks
So peace to Mr. Funke, for drinking all the Monkey
And Lord Jazz, hit me one time, make it funky!

repeat 3X

[Lord Jazz]
Lord Jazz the name, so watch me scratch it in your brain
It's simple, so watch me ride these tracks like a train
I freak it with the cut, now I freak it with the rhyme
Just to let you know, I can hit you one time
With the scratch and I rap cause you know I'm all that
And those who said I couldn't, I see your hands clap
Ya heard it, my lips spits quick like Wordsworth
And I'm quick to do a DJ when he's walkin on my turf

"Lord Jazz.." "He goes by the name of" -> BizMarkie
*repeat 7X*
"On two turntables I would say he's nice" -> Run-D.M.C.

[Mr. Funke]
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAOW! That's right y'all, that's my man!
DJ Lord Jazz on the wheels
Lords of the Underground, 1993
All you other rappers better get your thing together
Here Come the Lords
This is the fly talker Mr. Funke
Here to tell you bout my man who helps provide the funk
Lord Jazz, hit me one time, show your skills

* Lord Jazz cuts up LL Cool J saying "I get nice" *

repeat 8X

"I'm the one man band" (2X)
"I'm the one man band when I do my thing"
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