Luigi Masi

Sippin’ on a vice, over ice
Sugar watching the clock
Everyday the same
But the name’s slipping in for a shock
What’s it gonna be
Him or me? Maybe both if you dare
When tomorrow comes
And you’re numb, isn’t like Imma care

Strangers in the dark
Catching fire, throwing sparks
It’s a bomb just waiting to blow
Feel the club heating up
Getting ready to erupt
When the music comes on, we go-

A-a-automatic tonight, tonight
Like a-a-automatic
A-a-automatic tonight, tonight

It’s a candy store, on the floor
Want a bite of it all
Dying to unzip, it’s a trip
Got your back to the wall
Shimmering in sweat, have we met?
Maybe pushing out luck (Too hot, too hot)
Bursting at the seams, of our jeans
No one’s giving a f- (Too hot, too hot)

Doing what, what a body is for
Doing what we imagine alone
Satisfied and still we’re begging for me
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