Luigi Masi

I’m locked and loaded
But the safety’s on
Cos I’m terrified
The bullet’s made of pride
If I decoded
What I’m feeling wrong
It’ll make of me a case of RIP

No backing off it, fire the gun
No no no not when you’ve found the one
Be a man and do it
Be a man and do it

I’m taking aim and ready or not
Tonight the target is your heart
The target is your heart
Imma take, Imma take my shot
Gotta get you thinking of me
Gotta get you thinking of-
Everything that you’ve been missing
Staying out of love

I’ve up and done it
In my head before
You were blown away
By what I had say
So bad I’ve wanted
All of you and more
Whether wrong or right
I’ve got you in my sight

Baby should have been the first
And not the last to know
I’m gonna have to do more
Than hope that it shows
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