Luigi Masi

I’m looking out on the floor tonight
So many hot babes, yeh
So many hot babes, yeh
Dunno how I’ll get out alive
When they’re jumping on me, yeh
They’re jumping on me

From toronto to ibiza (let it all go)
Usa down to spain (losing control)
L-l-london to japan (take it down low)
Are you ready, ready? (ready, ready)

This beat is making me sick
You know what you’re doing to me
So come on and spill your secret
Please just tell me
How you do it, do it easy

Didn’t want it but it seems tonight
All eyes are on me, yeh, all eyes are on me
Kinda scary when I’m looking out
Like a sea of zombies, yeh a sea of zombies

Love has got a hold
Driving me insane
Stuck like putty in her hands
In her hands hands hands hands
I can’t explain it but she says it’s fine
And I’ll come out alive
After one dance dance dance dance
One dance dance dance dance
One dance dance dance dance
(Tell me how you do it easy)
(How you do it easy)
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